Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knitting Scandals. [CONTEST #2]

It's true, every knitter has a deep, dark and dirty knitting secret. Some of these secrets may be so dark that you try to stash them away, stealthfully hiding what normal knitters would gawk at, or run at you with sharp metal double pointed needles if they ever found out!
I know I have a few secrets.

So it's time to open a can of worms and confess! Maybe you'll realize that you're not so alone in these little petpeeves, or dislikes about knitting techniques or materials that we hold so deep in the back of our minds.

I'll start first.
Here's the little secret of mine that's common to people : I loathe knitting cuffs. I'd like knitting socks a whole lot more if someone would just knit the dang 1 1/2 inch cuff for me. It annoys me that cuffs take so long for something so short. Imagine how much more you could knit if you aren't switching back and forth continually.

Here's a shocker: I rather buy store-bought scarves than make them. *GASP!* In my defense, I'm not talking garter stitch scarves though! I'm ok with buying knitted scarves when I know that it would take me dozens of hours to knit up those cables on tiny needles, and would take more money buying high quality yarn for a durable and soft scarf.

But for the real scandal: I'D RATHER BUY AND WEAR THIN CLOTH SCARVES LIKE IN THE PICTURE ABOVE INSTEAD OF KNIT SCARVES. I'd be ok if I never knit scarves again. Now if that isn't knitting scandal, I don't know what is! I just like how the cloth is guaranteed softness, and is so thin that you can double it up under your coat on a really stormy day. If you ever see me knitting scarves, you could probably bet that it's either chunky, or some loved one really really wanted one.

The contest closes at: Saturday, Dec. 8th @3pm.
This week, the winner gets a (non-expiring) coupon for any 2 free patterns from my Etsy shop! Two additional new patterns will be added into the shop in January.

Examples of scandals: Loathing/boycotting/hiring people to do common techniques, cheating-buying something knit and saying you did it!, hoarding things like squirrels, buying sheep only for their milk... you catch my drift.
Special note: This contest is for fun, and will not "judge you" in any sort of ethical way.

~"Knitting Scandal" Contest~
1. State your "big" knitting scandal. Make sure to explain yourself. (= 1 name in the hat.)
2. Extra Credit: Stating one more big scandal gets you another name in the hat. It's got to be important though... (not "I don't like 2x2 ribbing" or similar complaints. Barely anyone likes it.) You can state as many as you want, really... but for practical purposes, it only gets you one more entry. But confess away!
3. The winner: the coolest, or well-thought out scandal. This person gets another hat entry.
4. Posting this contest on your blog gets you another name in the hat. You must mention it to me on the comment page though, so I don't have to chase down everyone's blog to see if you need another name in the hat. ______________________________________________________________________

.....Let the litany of scandals begin!

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