Monday, December 10, 2007

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" [Last Contest]

Time really has a way of smudging together. We went from September, to barely October...and Slipped through November and half way through December already? Is someone stealing our time? By the time you wake up in the morning, you're halfway through another month...and another year older!

Nevertheless, It seemed like only a few months ago I turned 21. I'm already 2 days away from turning 22! However, 22 seems like a golden birthday for me. I've always loved the number 2. My FH asked me out on the 22nd, and the second dog in the second race has won me good money on my first time at the dog tracks. I'm telling you, the number two for me is a very "auspicious" number...and I'm not even superstitious. I plan to have a "quiet" in the (chaotic) mall, eating dinner with the darling and watching a movie afterwards. That's how this college student plans to spend her birthday. I've been 21, I'm not "required" to have a crazy party and be intoxicated. I don't need a keg to have a good time. I'll just sip my pina colada or whatever at some Irish pub and move on.

As to the contest. I know I said I would do 4 weeks of contests in the light the Christmas spirit. However, this spirit has been a little fatigued by everything going on, and I feel that I only have it in me to do just one more. However, I don't want to bum you out... so I'll randomly pick 3 winners for this next contest.

The contest closes at: Thurs. Dec. 13th @ 7pm. Prizes mailed next day.
Be ready to supply your address THAT NIGHT if you want them before Xmas!

~The Contest Question~
Describe your most memorable Christmas (or Hanukkah)? What was magical about it?
Ex: People, events, scenery, feelings, surprises, transformed experience, etc

Prizes: All 3 winners will be drawn from a hat. The order drawn from a hat is their prize placing.
1st place & 2nd place= (Set of 6) Santa's Elves stitch markers from my Etsy shop!
3rd place= 1 free pattern of your choosing from my Etsy shop.

This time, no double entries. No requirement to blog it. Just answer the question.
I do realize that this contest question is more religiously based, so if you are turned off by it, there will be another opportunity to participated in the future.

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