Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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I'm having one of those weeks that you would pay to never see again.
I haven't had a particularly bad Monday in a long time. I think this Monday made up for that fact, plus decided to continue until today.

I'm just too exhausted to go into the details, but I spent all of Monday being made an idiot by everyone and everything...while the other time apologizing for all sorts of incidents. None of them were particularly my fault either. To my misfortune, today had snippets of real cruddiness...and I just don't understand where all of this is coming from. I had difficulty coming up with a title to this post, because although I don't want to keep up the gloominess, I don't have the brains nor the will to write something more positive than "the week the world crapped on me" or "can I sleep until Saturday?"

I did do a lot of dyeing last night. (Once again, today was still screwed up for me, and the two last skeins of bamboo yarn in the fall shades are basically garbage, because they somehow got incredibly tangled up somewhere between skeining them for the first time, and dyeing them...and unless I want to spend endless hours untangling them...they're toast.)
Here's one of two skeins of lace-weight "Spiced Pumpkin Latte:"

It goes really well with this coffeehouse mystery series! The colors of the skein and the content of the book are both equally cozy. This is the first of other "coffee" related skeins.

This will go up on Etsy soon (unless claimed first.)

Now, here are some more lace-weight skeins I dyed up, yet couldn't conjure enough energy to re-skein and put up on etsy. I'd like to just put these pictures up on etsy like this and re-skein them before sending them out...but I don't know if that just makes me look lazy.

These skeins are called "Ever-blue" and "Ever-pink." They have like 5-6 different shades of that color. I imagine that these skeins would look really great as a lacey neck warmer (bunched-up circular scarf) or of course a shawl.
One good thing happend yesterday: these glasses. I went back to the thrift shop in hopes that a hardcover book I wanted was there (they have a lot of great books there, believe it or not). I wandered to the kitchen part of the store (the stored still makes me feel's kind of dirty there), and found these awesome glasses! I'm a fan of green & texture...and it was a match made in heaven. Sweet!

Please let me know if any of you want to claim the skeins above. There are two of the "Spiced Pumpkin Latte" and one of each of the "Ever" skeins. Otherwise, they'll be put up on Etsy when I finish skein the rest (and who knows how long that will take me, at this rate).

Feel free to leave a joke, or some piece of good news (yourself, society or whatever) below...goodness knows that *anything* not depressing will cheer me (and other Bad-Monday-hangover victims) up.
You're the best, guys!
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