Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I casted on for a cowled raglan in a slightly mohair-like yarn in a lovely shade of lavender. Would I have been stoked that the LYS had a shade of sea-green? Yes. But I'm cool with this color. Purple used to be my favorite color. I'm not the least bit kidding. My whole entire room used to be purple (okay, maybe 10 years ago)...even my walls. I can be nostalgic with this sweater.
The point of this raglan is to be a bit see-through so that I can wear a tanktop under it that will show. The idea is a little bit from Stitch 'N Bitch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I rather it be from the latter, because that show is ridiculously awesome, and I finished the entire 7 series now, and need a little something to keep me going. I'm using my own lovely sea-green vintage stitch markers for this project. They pair so well together!
I recreated (again) the whole look of this blog. I hope you all love it. The last one (a vintage look with pink, red and seagreen) was cool, but a little "all over the place." The theme colors make more sense now, and rocks out! Knowing me though, I'll probably change it in a month. I'm just that sort of person. But hey, I haven't rearranged my room in months! That has to be worth something, right? Ha ha.

It's been a bit lonely over here the last couple of weeks. If your in the house, scribble a little hello note if you have the time. Thanks! :) I'm off to go exercise now. I know. They will be welcoming me back with a party, I've missed so many weeks now.

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