Thursday, April 26, 2007

I learned a couple new skills today.

So ok, all you continental knitters out there, this probably won't seem so grand to you, but I just learned how to officially:

1. "double knit" and
2. knit "continental" style, and
3. knit "continental" & "English" syle at the same time (for double knitting) &
4. purl "continental" syle.

I'm knitting up a revised version of the Caribou, with a different border, and I was happily knitting for 5 rows when I noticed that for some reason, it looked like I knit one extra row. Well, that wasn't the case, but I still ripped it. I'm sorry that I didn't take pictures before I ripped it, but here was the beginning of the potholder. Cool, huh? I love the colors together. The lighting makes the yarn look more blue, when it's actually a light sage green.

Pattern: my own
Needles: size 7
Yarn: caron simple soft (trying to destash,.. you know)

I'll start it up again later. My hand is cramping from holding the needle so tightly. I may know how to hold it different continental ways (still trying to figure out which way is most efficient for me), but the yarn either gets too tight around my finger, or too loose. That will take a while to adapt & to perfect.

~*~Update on (tba) raglan-tee soon. I promise.~*~
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