Sunday, April 22, 2007

~Colored Knitting Charts~

~Anna's Colored Charts for knitting~

1. Some Pictures are distorted because they were resized to fit next to eachother.
2. Mostly all of the charts would look great with a black backround, and could be used for "double knitting" projects. :)
3. Click on the picture to enlarge, if you cannot read it. Copy & paste it to Word, then adjust it to an appropriate size.
4. Please read footnote.

~Symbol or Cultural Motifs~

Atlantis: I was really interested in Atantian symbols from the disney movie "Atlantis."
Native American: I am taking a course in Native American Religions, and my book had some weaving designs on it, and really inspired me to make my own N.A patterns.
Almost Swiss: I guess its my Swiss version?
Retro Gingham: not so average colors anymore.


Water-like colors: this may sound weird, but there is a certain bathroom in a dormatory at my Univeristy had had tiles a little similar to these colors. I do to intarsia/fairisle with these colors. I'm still experimenting with patterns.

Pond: The tree is supposed to look half dead.
Caribou: This one is my favorite. It looks like my "Caribou Coffee" mug. I love it to pieces! I was really proud of myself that I actually got it looking something like an actual animal! Let's just say it was a challenge to do the antlers and such!


Knitting & Such: these were my first designs. I really don't feel like remaking them, so if you would like the pink needles one row lower, you'll have to just have to mentally do it. lol.

Pink heart needles: Those are my favorites. I still need to rework the "yarn."


Parkour: if you don't already know what "parkour" is, google it and look up you-tube videos. Let's just say my fioncé was thrilled that I made him the official "parkour logo," since one of its kind doesn't already exist. Oh, did I forget to mention that Parkour is his "passion." Well, kind of. After he broke his collarbone, he's just doing the light things.

*All charts complimentary from "knitting up a storm."
**You are free to use them for your knitting projects, but please do not claim ownership or sell the charted designs. Merci. If you have any questions, just let me know.
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