Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Knitting Party!

One of my favorite authors hosts cyber book parties on Facebook every time she releases a new book, and they are big hits. You post photos of what you are "wearing" to the party, what you are "bringing" or "drinking" (and these are in quotes because a lot of people post things from Pinterest because they are photogenic!), and she will give away books every so many minutes while people chat. It's fun! 

I'm not really releasing anything (although possibly the Baby Monster Hat from the last post), but I thought it would be fun to throw a knitter's Halloween party in the same fashion! I plan to give away 5 patterns at random (that you actually can vote on right now in the event page)! So join the KUAS group and RSVP to the event HERE and let's celebrate! 

Date: Mon, Oct. 27th 
Time: 7pm-8pm (Central Time)
What to bring: photos and things to chat about!

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