Thursday, October 23, 2014

FO: I-Cord Necklace

I'm just going to spend a couple of minutes chatting about this necklace before taking off again. I've got a very busy weekend to get ready for.

I finished the Wonder Knitter I-Cord necklace that I spoke of the other day. It's a fusion of knitware and hardware (beading materials in the back).

I just have one problem: I don't know what to name it. I can't just leave it generic. If you'd like to help me out, write a comment of a fitting name for this and you could win the pattern.
You could use plain old dpns to knit up the I-cord, but I chose to use a fancy "Wonder Knitter" tool that helps make I-cord knit up faster. I used bead crimps, bead cones, bead spacers, wire and chain to complete the back. I plan on doing some photo tutorials for the hardware part in the pattern.
I used this beautiful Louisa Harding Thalia yarn in Eggplant that I've saving for a couple of years. I love, love the added texture that the yarn gives to the I-cord. I only really used about 40 yards or less.
I would have loved to pose for you, but I only was able to get these shots during good light, but when it's on a human, the scarf hangs a little lower and the hardware starts about at the shoulder. I'll take some new shots when I publish the pattern.

But for now, what shall we name her?

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