Saturday, August 30, 2014

FO: Where Bohemian meets Egyptian goddess

I have friend who really likes the jewelry that I have made in the past and shares with me an eclectic sort of personality.

I know that she loves wearing sparkles in whatever outfit she wears, so for her birthday I decided to make her a very "Bohemian meets Egyptian" looking necklace that makes you feel like a goddess.

Hopefully she has a  cute outfit to match.
Now, here's what the necklace looked like before I made it more Bohemian by adding the ribbon. I'm torn on whether I helped it, or hindered it's look. I will tell her that I can simply take off the ribbon from the metal jumper if she likes the original look more. My husband likes this version better. Bah!
My inspiration for this ensemble was these flower beads with the attached clear bead under it. I attached the metal spikes at the base because I think that it really gives the earring that extra punch that it needed as dangling earrings. It reminds me of shooting stars. The earring itself is plated in gold. If it's your birthday, I'll go the extra mile and not go all El Cheapo on you with value-pack gold-colored earrings.

Next, I decided to glue on Swarovski crystals on the flower portions of the bracelet to give her the sparkle that I know she would want. I absolutely love this next photo. It looks like a crown!
 I hope she loves it, and it's not too over the top.

 More jewelry posts coming next, and an update on my "Pumpkin Ale" Sweater.

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