Friday, August 01, 2014

WIP: Afghan Border Control

 Hey All,
I'm still here. Sorry for the absence. It's been a crazy-busy summer, filled with reunions, illnesses and back-breaking landscaping in the front and back. However, I am picking up this afghan at the end of our long days and working on the border, bit by bit.
 It's a mesh-like lace pattern that suits the afghan well as the lacy waves spills out beyond the afghan body ripples.
Our property underwent a major change. We had a few dead trees-one being a very large Ash-and some dead shrubbery, and we basically removed most of the front's landscaping and redid it with new plants and some paver stones. I'm still trudging through the 5 yards of mulch that I bought for the front and back. This project took us 5 times as long because we had no idea that there was a foot of rocks embedded in clay soil everywhere that we wanted to plant or dig for the pavers. What a nightmare!!! However, even though the plants are not mature yet (it will grow tall and bushy), you can see that potential for next year's growth below. The Purple Fountain Grass (there's 5 of them) and Russian Sage should get pretty large in the future:
I've also started landscaping in the shady area in the backyard that couldn't grow grass. I can finally see the light to the end of this landscaping tunnel.

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