Friday, April 10, 2009

I need your advise, ASAP!!

I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I need your advise before THIS EVENING on which suede fabric looks best with my Fake-a-Gamo clutch I'm making, in time for the Easter celebrations Saturday and Sunday. Please, please comment ASAP about which one looks best. I'm having such a hard time deciding.

A few details: I still have to finish the second pattern repeat (a couple of inches more of work. It will look like the bottom half, but in a different placement.) I will be folding the suede fabric over the top of the clutch...and it will stick out about 1.5 inches.I have a medium-dark chocolate color (almost exactly like this color...maybe a touch less reddish hue, looking through my monitor. See the first picture for a better view), which I think looks great, but does it look better than the lighter brown? This lighter shade looks great, but is it too light? Does that shade of green need something darker against it as a clutch? Am I just redidulous...and the answer should be obvious???

Thanks for your help. I hope to sew it up tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. :)


Anonymous said...

1 vote for the lighter brown. :)

Rachel said...

I like the lighter brown as well. It mellows with the green. However, if you like colors that "pop" more, I'd go with the reddish/darker brown.

Yuliana said...

the brown. It goes better with the green yarn

CassieMarie said...

My vote goes for the darker brown. I think the pattern on the lighter fabric would be distracting from the stitch pattern, whereas the darker brown the pattern isn't as pronounced. :)
Looks good so far though!!

Jadielady said...

I like the first one!