Wednesday, April 15, 2009



I knit this 1x1 beanie up for Joe several weeks ago. I sent it to him all nicely wrapped up in tissue patter as a care-package. He knew I was going to send him something, but he was absolutely convinced that I was going to make him a cd mix. Cha-right.


Give the boy some props. I was a dufus and forgot to take pictures before I sealed up his package. Once he received his gift, I asked him to take a few shots for me. Nothing fancy, just something interesting en ought that looks good blurred out.

What I got were several really great shots. Thanks Joey! I actually have no idea if he is just really good at taking pictures of himself with one hand, or he asked his friend to take them. I'm pretty sure he did them himself, so I guess the guy is talented or something. Makes me wonder, though....


Pattern: a generic 1x1 beanie pattern, improvised by yours truly.
Needles: size 8US dpns, I think
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight Yarn, in a variegated green colorway. He picked it out himself at Loopy Yarns went we went to Chicago. The boy likes his green!
Project: March 12th-13th 2009


Ah...I love that boy. Good thing we are getting married. I finally picked out my Bridesmaids dresses. Click on the "clover" color. Won't they look great? Since they will wear green, they can have an orange bouquet of flowers.

...Pssst!! Check out the post below. :)


Lee said...

His hat matches the color of his eyes in the picture! Way to go!

Rachel said...

That looks really nice, and I love how it makes his eyes really a bright color!