Friday, May 30, 2008

Pretty in pink

It's been busy-busy-busy on the fronteer here. I'm already back at work. I guess there goes relaxation.
But, I finally finished spinning my single-ply yarn that I plan on using to knit up a chunky garter stitch hat later on. I think it went pretty well. I had to soak it in hot water first, and then hang it to dry with some weights so that I don't have the "curlies" while knitting it up later on. Next time, I'll do the real deal, and double-ply it. This was just to get the hand of things.
Purdy, huh?
Ok gang, I hate to be brief, but I have to run now. I don't even have the time to calculate the yardage on it. I'll do that later.

I'm planning on meeting up with the gals right now at Chilies. It's been quite a long time since we've really hung out as a group. I promise to not be so boring soon. I plan on creating a sock pattern, as well as a neat tank-top.
Until then. Enjoy the eye-candy for a bit. Sorry.
Thanks again for the congrats! Ya guys are the "bomb." btw- what is the new word for that now? lol.
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