Monday, May 12, 2008

Ask and you shall receive*

*Obviously, we are NOT talking about my totally, completely, wholly, utterly BOGUS 7:30 am final in Prehistory which I'm quite sure 90% of the class populus failed. Not kiddin'. Talk about taking out the "big guns" with this one. My Linguistics final this evening went pretty well. Thanks for the encouragement, Kate (and all)!
Waking up at the crack of dawn was interesting. Really.

What I did take from Prehistory, as a relevant knitterly fact, is how far we have come with animal domestication, such as our famous Andean celebrity, Mr. Paci. Clearly, we have room for improvement, such as knitting socks for Anna while she's studying...but balancing an uneven load of spinning wheel stitch markers is a good start. He's even a gentlemen and offers what he can to hold my page.
My Aunt Charlene ordered these stitchmarkers during one of her ebay escapades. She was visiting when I just got into the stitch marker business last summer (gosh, that was a year ago. Lordie Lord) and finally bought a set for me to have, because the spinning wheel charms are pretty sweet. I hate to get all "lit" on ya, but perhaps this is a "foreshadow" of many wonderful things to come in the future. E-hem. hem. hem.
Like I said, ask and you shall recieve. My Brittany replacements came in the mail (oh crud, I forgot to check who, oh you wonderful person, mentioned about the 5-year replacement deal). It really did take a while, but they came! Two of mine broke, and I really only expected them to send me one, but here-be THREE! Whee!!

Oh kiddos. I've got two finals left. I'm off to take a quick shower (what, you expected me to wake up that early...AND take a shower?? Ha.) and then get a little bit of studying done. Then, I'll probably read a little bit more. You must get Water for Elephants! Squee! It's soo good! I do plan on making a colorway inspired by the book, as well as The Secret Life of Bees, because that book was really awesome too!

Oh, May 20th is coming up. That means that the Gatsby club sign-ups is closing in few more days. I have room for only 2ONE more member!


KnittingHawkeye said...

I used to have horrible and debilitating cramps and I was put on bc for that and acne, seriously, I would lay in bed all day crying.

KnittingHawkeye said...

I was on yasmin for a month in January and my pms was off the fucking wall. It was not great LoL. I bitched everyone out. But people react to medications differently. You never know until you try. I may do yasmin again or ortho tri cyclen. No idea yet, but I need to know by Sunday.