Monday, May 05, 2008

The early bird catches the worm

EDIT: I'm starting to sound like a person with issues. I have now ordered more yarn (yet again), and will extend this club to 15 members, meaning that there is only 9 slots left! They are going like hot-cakes, and I don't blame them...LOST is AWESOME, and this type of club gives me so many ideas! I'm at the point where I think only allowing 15 members per type of club is sufficient, and doable for I am taking the first week or two off when I graduate.

LOST! Yeah! I had this idea after the Gatsby club went up. I couldn't help myself!

This one is a lot different. It has fingering weight yarn (theme colors) and laceweight yarn (jungle colors), as well as different SECRET extras! You're like Ben & Locke...and will have to let the island reveal its secret when you're ready.

to be only 15 spots in the Gatsby club. We have 11 members already. Sign-ups close on the 20th for those.

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