Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Follow Your Arrow: Clue 1

I was intrigued by the idea of doing a "choose your own adventure" shawl KAL. It reminds me of those books where you turn to either page 12 or 35 and hope that you enjoy the outcome. It's always a risk to buy a pattern with blind faith that you will enjoy what it looks like without even seeing a single photo of it, but it's Ysolda, so how bad could it be?

You get 5 clues, a set of new clue directions delivered through Ravelry each week. Each clue will have two choices, "A" or "B." So, when you tally up how many choices to weeks, you get 32 shawl possibilities by the end.

This is the yarn that I choose. I dyed it up a while back with pink, plum and light brown tones using a bamboo base. I'm not sure how many yards it has. I know it has more than your standard sock yardage, and if I run out, I have another skein that is almost identical. I would guess this is in the 500+ yds.
 Which route did I choose?
Hey, it's a "mystery shawl." I can't very well blow it for you, can I?

I'm on to Clue 2 today. Which route will I choose?

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