Saturday, January 04, 2014

Early January WIPs

My goal this year is to dive back into knitting and crafting of other sorts, like: weaving, spinning, maybe a little yarn dying, and of course blogging. Last year was pretty dull. I realize it. However, on my end, when it gets too quiet, it's really easy to slip out for a while because you feel like it goes unnoticed. Sometimes, it feels that this blog really only runs for my free patterns that knitters from other sites hop over from, and it gets discouraging. It's much easier to blog when I feel like people are actually coming to read about my crafting adventures or even mishaps, rather than stopping by to nab some free stuff without spending some time to get to know me a little bit more. After all, a blog is a glorified journal.

So, this year, I'm hoping to keep the blog posts rolling. Fill them with eye candy and crafty things that are therapeutic to this stay-at-home mother who would have developed a psychotic breakdown, or at least a twitch in her eye without them. In the process, I hope that this site becomes more of a hub about life, and not just a means-to-an-end for those free pattern sites.
I've got almost 3 large baskets full of work-in-processes. Three. It's a little embarrassing. However, if you look on the bright-side, I've got three baskets full of things that are partly started and can be ripped out without too much of a heartache, some that are mid-way and a good number that are big pieces that are nearly done.

Let me show you a few things that are being worked on simultaneously at the moment:
1. A yoga bag for my thick mat (the green yarn in the first cryptic photo)-80% done. It's cryptic on purpose because I'll be posting about it really soon. I was just at a place called "Stay-to-Play," a place where you let your children play in a supervised area, while you do whatever you want in their little cafe area. I was getting so many compliments from the other moms saying "Oh, I wish I learned to knit," or "Oh, I should pick up the needles again," and many "I love that color!" The color is a pretty lime, the lighting was bad for the photo.

Hopefully the bag turns out well. I didn't really do any measuring before casting on. I live life on the edge.

2. A new scarf with three main colors, plus one accent color. You can see how I'm getting more and more courageous with adding main colors as I start each new scarf:

Mommy doing a bit of weaving while the boys try out their new play-dough set from Christmas.

3. And this fella:
I've been keeping this identity a secret all week long. There's not a huge reason, it's more because I'm excited that after X-amount of years it is finally coming off the needles to show it's full glory. For those who have been with me from the beginning, or for those who have read through my old post (God Bless you...those were college days), can you tell me what this project is from years past?

I am FINALLY on to the border phase of this beast. I was unimpressed with the solid yarn choice that I had chosen years ago, so I ordered some red and yellow striped yarn that will match much better. Now it's just a waiting game for the yarn. I figure that I have been knitting it on and off for X-years (with lots of history attached), I might as well finish strong. Why waste a perfectly good project on settling?

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