Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coffee is my Prozac


Coffee is my Prozac. Especially in the morning. However, I've lived long enough to just say "nay" to the those delicious smelling brews while... enjoying one's cycle. Coffee & any form of pre-existing cramps do not mix. Ok, well, hot cocoa would have to do. I've been working (somewhat) diligently on my "Castle Corridors" socks. Here's a little preview.

I've been listening to Nicholas Spark's "At First Sight" while working today and knitting the heel. Just a couple more discs and I easily finished another book. Until now, I've always thought audiobooks were "cheating." Now I just think they are "practical," unless the voice is utterly annoying (like a lot of audiobooks).


Tuesday, I'll be gone all day hanging with my mom, Watching this diva above teach a (vocal) master class at Northern Illinois. If you don't recognize her, Renee Fleming is a famous soprano who just happens to be teaching a master class in between doing some gig in Chicago. After that, I'll be chillaxing for the rest of the day while my mom (trying to finish up her masters in voice) sings Verdi's Requiem all night long. I've got my audiobook on hand, another book, and lots of knitting to do. If I knew the score more, I would chirp in a few notes here and there...

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