Monday, January 07, 2008

A "blizzard" on a nice warm day.

My goodness! What is going on with the weather right now? I'm not quite sure where you guys are residing, but in the midwest, it was about 60 degrees today, as was yesterday. It's quite ironic that I decided to share with you this "Blizzard" sock pattern from my winter sock club... but what can you do?

The picture isn't really revealing, but there are eyelets in between the "confused" cables. I called it the "Blizzard" boot sock, because I added ribbing on the bottom of mine, which seemed more...boot-like... for lack of better words.

I started my beloved "Castle Corridors" sock pattern the other day, which I have been dreaming up for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, I've been very busy lately working and getting sick. I have a head cold...or should I say, the ugly nose-cold. However, my teeth have been hurting and my paranoid mother thinks that I might have walking pneumonia...just like a church guy-friend of hers had a weekish ago. So, I think I have an appointment tomorrow. I still think they'll just give me the obvious "you have a cold. Sorry. Blow your nose and drink plenty of fluids. Wash your hands too, for goodness sakes."

Right now, I'm skipping the needles, and reading the newest book from my Guilded Age Mystery series from P.B Ryan. Suspense! I just started the book last night, and I'm sure I'll finish within an hour or two.

Pattern: my own ("Blizzard Boot Socks"), and on my Etsy shop!
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