Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkins. Crispy orange leaves. Chilly nights.

UPDATE!!! The "Fern" pattern is officially on a pdf document, and is waiting on, as well as the "All Twisted Up" designer bag. (See sidebar for links.) There will be more patterns for sale soon. All profit will be saved up to help pay for my wedding in '09. :) Thanks for looking & thanks for the sweet compliments everyone!! XOXO
I finished my "Fern" hat & fingerless gloves I started a few days ago. I absolutely adore the cables! I'll be writing up the official pattern on a pdf document within a few days, and will be selling it cheaply on Etsy. I'm also going to be writing up a couple additional patterns to for Etsy, so I can start working to save up some more $$ for my wedding. This hat requires bulky yarn, which enables a fast, gratifying knit for all of us impatient ones! Plus, it's incredibly warm for the chilly weather. I strive to be a sensible knitter, only knitting hats that cover the ears. So hopefully, my ears will always stay toasty warm during the winter.A view of the one of the fingerless gloves. You can knit a pair in under and hour. I originally created the fern being planted more toward each thumb, but I will also write an addition section for those who want their cables directly in the center of their hand instead. But, I kind of like that the off-centered look for the fern. It looks artsy. Whatever that means.
A ridiculously dorky, yet better view of the cables. Nope, I'm not feeling up the tree. Ha ha.

Other than that, I've been working some more on my research, and changed the width of this blog. Today, I found a really nice place to read during the Fall, which is awesome, because I'm a little sick of being cooped up inside. It's located in the courtyard in the middle of our business & religious studies buildings, with wooden benches and really old trees that give off that nice rustling sound in the wind. I'll grab a steaming-hot mug of apple cider, go outside and start flipping through some more pages of my books tomorrow. Life is too short to skip the small pleasures.
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