Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Simply Ginny" Sock

UPDATE: Congrats Debear62 on winning my first annual "Name That Colorway" contest! This skein is officially called "Tutti Frutti!" I want to thank everyone for participating! It was a really close one...which is reasonable, since all of your ideas were awesome! You all have made this week really fun for blogging! Debear62, please email me your shipping info ( so I can send you the skein as soon as I get back from my camping trip with my fioncée's family.

Huzzah! She's finished! (Thanks to Mr. "Paci"...right?)
This knit was soo fun! I love trying to capture book-movie elements.

On this heel is ribbing. Nope, your eyes are's really hard to see in the picture. Don't call the eye-doc yet.

Almost the same view, right? That's probably because I can't decide on things lately...first yarn colorways, and now picture views. It's probably because I can't quite capture what it fully looks like in real life (and what the heck is that supposed to mean anyways, "real life?" It's not like this is fake. lol. Ok, that's enough philosophical thinking for tonight.)

There will be a pattern up on this one soon.

I used 100% merino fingering-weight wool on this sock, using my colorway: Ginny Weasley.

On a funnier note, my blog friend Kate was right. We definitely have seen it all now.
BTW- this is post 101!
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