Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm (a.k.a "filler")

Knitters beware! Knitting related info on the bottom of

Hey everyone! As you can see from the change in scenery, i've already moved back to Iowa to finish up my last year at school! Of course, my room was organized and put completely together upon the day of arrival! Not to gross anyone out, but I think I sweated buckets of water! It's just soo darn hot here!
Anyways, I had the freetime to do a few things for myself. I read "Without Sin" within 2 days! It was such a good page-turner! I'm noticing a change in my reading...i've been clinging to mystery/fiction/thriller lately! Yikes! I usually read a mixture of fantasy/fiction and religions genres...
Because i've been soo into books lately (so much that I visited the thrift store again and got a whole bag of books for the price of one retail price!!!), I decided to officially make a "bookworm club" blog, so I can have an outlet to discuss good-reads, instead of boring you all on a knitting blog! HA HA--suckers!! Did you really believe I would stop giving you all non-knitting junk?? lol. In reality...less non-knitting junk will be on the blog then! Hee hee. Are you a bookworm?

Take a look-see. If you wanna join, you know what to do! :)
I'm hoping it will be a great place to discuss books and recommendations!

I finally cracked open into the Kinder Surprise eggs that Joe gave to me, from Paris! The thin layers were quite a "surprise" in itself.

Before I left, my mom went to our "World Market" store by our house and found this wonderful bottle of wine! Isn't it just too pretty to crack open? I even have a plastic cup with a picture of a sheep on it!
---"Baa," it says! However, in english, he's really saying "fill me, damn it!"
This bottle is a reminder that I still need to read the book "Dyed in the wool," that our library ordered for me! (yippie!)

--Ok, onto the good stuff!--

Can anyone take a gander at what this is?

If you look closely, you'll notice that i'm not bonkers, and that this really isn't lace-work, or knitting at all!
My thought, "holy flying monkeys"....
I've been taking a peak at my Botany book before class starts on this Monday, and was amazed to find a thin section of Magnolia wood looking like a piece of lace work.
Ok, well I was designing all day long...but you've gotta give me credit...were you surprised that this photo was in fact, wood?

The whole plant aspect of biology really intrigues me...which is probably a "duh" factor that I changed the look of my blog into something naturey. Plant life is soo interesting.

Anyways, I've been designing these past couple of days (...when not reading. I'm such a geek.)
Today, I spent the majority of the day starting & finishing from scratch my sock design for the premier (or so to say) of the sock club that I mentioned in the last post. It's called "Dobby Socks!"...or something to that effect. It has mucha mucha ribbing, eyelets, bobbles and cables! I'm just waiting for the sock yarn that i'm supposed to knit it with! I'm so proud of myself!

Yesterday, I designed "The Cabin Shawl," using my "September" colorway that I dyed up this summer. I'll take an action snap of later on. It's much to early to take one now. Let me get some more inches done first.

It's truly an amazing colorway...and goes great with the Fir Cone pattern going on in the shawl. The leaves really remind me of fall. (*sigh...ahh...*)
I've gotta get some major work on it soon, so it can coincide with the "September" and "Cabin" and "Fall" categories.


LotusKnits said...

I love your wine bottle! So cool!

I'm a nature geek too. Almost majored in Botany in college. Cool 'lace' wood pic!

KnittingHawkeye said...

We need to meet up for coffe tonight or tomorrow and I'll give you the yarn. Or I can come over to Currier. . . . dunno where I'd park my moped, but hmm.

KnittingHawkeye said...


what's your schedule like this semester?

Sarah said...

Magnolia?!? Fabulous:) I'm with you on being connected to nature. I have a weird obsession with bodies of water. So many of my pictures from Greece are of water it's almost scary. Lately I have also been buying up handpainted and regular yarns in green colorways...Looks like we're on the same kick!

Alyssa said...

was the wine good?