Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Adventures of Dying Yarn

"Strawberry Shortcake" Yarn
I've been thinking about dying yarn again for a while. Clutching hard on to my 40% off Micheals coupon, so not to loose it, I wandered through the aisles to find the perfect yarn. Lo and behold-- I found cotton-ease! They finally decided to sell this yarn in their stores! I was thrilled. I really wanted to buy a few skeins in a plumy color, but decided against it. I bought one more skein-this time in 100% wool-and got myself the heck out of the store. Well, ok, you caught me. I grabbed size 2 needles and another skein of varigated cotton yarn called "sinfonia" (made with soy), a real smooth yarn that reminds me of what the clapotis should be made out of.

I first wrapped the yarn around the chairs, lest I make that mistake again (feeding the yarn into the dye as I went..... yikes! Disaster for tangles!!), and marked it with a different colored yarn. Those will be my different sections for color... (or so I thought....)

I gave the yarn a good long soak. I let them chill for over an hour.

Although I forgot to take pictures of the yarn on the stove for well over an hour trying to get it different shades of RED. I ended up adding purple Easter egg dyes to the strawberry portion... and It washed out too. Luckily, with all the extra colors I added, it gave the yarn nice varigated colors! I love it soo much! This is what it looked like after all the many washings. It shouldn't fade that much anymore.

Here's a close-up of the different shades of color. This is why I named it "Strawberry shortcake." Strawberries, cake bottom, cream..... Doesn't it just look yummy??

I rolled it up pull-string style, to make sure it never tangles. Let it forever be sweet and lovely, until the day it gets knit into socks. (And may the colors always stay.)

---> I'll be going to the Dells tomorrow morning, until Wednesday night. Don't worry, I'll show you all my goodies when i'm back-- my socks, and something sexy I designed to wear over my bikini bottoms (yeah, i'm pretty conscious about exposing myself). I've been horribly busy lately. I'm hoping you'll all love it! See ya in a couple of days!

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