Friday, January 08, 2021

FO: Mountain Punch Needle Kit

I took this week off, as I normally do the first week of January since I am self-employed, and since there is no prospect of vacationing with the pandemic still running amuck, I have claimed it my "craft-cation." Aside from casting on another pair of socks I have been jumping down new craft rabbit-holes, such as embroidery and now punch needling. If you missed my last embroidery post from yesterday, you can find it here

Hobby Lobby's "Mountain Punch Needle" kit is my first attempt and completed punch needle project. I purchased this with a 40% off coupon months ago, but am finally got around to working on it today. If you are interested in purchasing it, be fore-warned that the colors in the photo do not match what they include in the kit. In hindsight, I would gravitate toward woolen yarns next time as this particular kid is splitty and too silky. That enables the yarn to come loose from the monk cloth too easily.

There's room for improvement, but it's decent enough to look at if you hang it high up. ;)

I watched Bookhou's punch needle tutorial on Creativebug (our library gives us free membership with our active library card), and was instructed to paint my color-scheme with watercolors before I began. I didn't care for the colors that came with the set (the colors were different!), so what I did was play around with little snips of yarn on my mountains to figure out a plan and then paint my final plan.

If you look closely you'll notice that I accidentally switched some of the colors (oi!), but all is fine. 

Punch needing is a quick project, so if you are in need of an instant gratification project, this is it. You can draw your own pictures and get to town mixing textiles, colors and textures using the right and wrong side of the work. The side you see is actually the "wrong side." The back of this project has a more shaggy rug look to it (that's why this is basically rug-hooking), and you can switch back and forth between those two textures if you so please.

I encourage everyone to take a little "craft-cation," even if that means only on Saturday and Sunday. Take some time to create all the things--it's fun!

Until next time...stay healthy and happy, folks!

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