Wednesday, January 13, 2021

FO: Blushing Roses Embroidery

As you can tell by our interrupted knitting schedule that I am knee deep into embroidery kits. I love the short, planned out projects that are fully put together for you.
This one was actually the first kit I bought and has been sitting patiently for months on my shelf. It wasn't until the planter embroidery project  that I decided to work on florals.
I don't think that the ink disappears under water like my other kit, so I had to try to pull out the flower pedals more to hit the ink underneath.
Someone really needs to stop me! I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a Wildflowers kit, along with a Desert Flower one with organza fabric.
I love how it's 3D. My only complaint was it was hard to needle 6 stands of through through the fabric at times and it bruised my fingers up. But, it's worth it, right?

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