Wednesday, November 07, 2018

FO: Sunday Slippers

This was a super-quick project that was completed within 2 days. They are warm, cozy, and do not slip off your feet (well, at least with my modification). I adapted the pattern to have an I-Cord edging to not only help it keep it's shape (and stay on), but it looks really sharp!
Honestly, if you look at the original and this'll see why the I-cord edge stands out! Garter stitch needs a tidy edge if it's a garment.
Project: Sunday Slippers by Cleo Malone
Needles: US8 (5mm)
Yarn: Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full O' Sheep in the color "Passionfruit"
Notes: I was given the “60 Quick Knits For Beginner” book to review. I decided one of the best ways to review a book was to knit from it, and show it off!
Modifications: I-cord edge--on the side you need an I-cord edge, sl 3 sts and purl those same 3 sts on the following rd. 
I will most definately be knitting more of these in the future. The make great house slippers/socks and gifts when you are in a pinch!

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