Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Craft Tutorial: Fall Acorn Decor

Happy Fall!
I came across this cute craft project idea recently. I'm not sure if I pulled it up from the depths of Pinterest or one of my fall-related magazines that just came in the mail, but nevertheless, here's a cute and easy acorn decor project that leaves a BIG impact! Would you like to learn how to make one (or more) of these?
1 (or more) acorn squash
Glue Gun (low temp is fine)
3-4 glue sticks per acorn project
A 3/8'' x 50ft manila rope bundle (approx 12.5 feet per acorn.)  

This project is roughly $4-$5 per acorn (pennies for glue, $2.25 per 12.5 ft rope, plus $2-$3 per acorn) 
You can get up to 4 acorns per rope bundle.

1. Warm up the glue-gun. Make sure you rest it on a plate or cardboard. You'll thank me later.

2. About an inch or so higher than the middle section of the acorn, start your first row of rope. Glue the end very thoroughly to the acorn, and glue like no-one's business in 1-inch sections (press the rope down immediately), spiraling all the way around the body of the acorn. If you glue too much in advance, it will harden too quickly on the cool skin of the acorn.

3. Once you have reached the tip or handle of the acorn, start wrapping and gluing in a spiral fashion around the "handle" of the acorn just like the body. This will be about 3 rows.

4. Cut the rope and glue cut-end securely down so to not have any pesky fraying.

That's it! This will look great next to your pumpkin and gourd display. :)
I'm so back-logged on photo editing. I have photos on trips and activities, an awesome restaurant-worthy Irish Beef Stew recipe and of course knitting to show you when I get some more spare time!

My old best friend just had her second child. I was going to make her baby (and 1 yr old toddler) a cute owl hat! Here's the beginning of it:
I used a chained cast-on method to have a nice accent color. It finishes the ends off nicely. Much better than single-crocheting after it's finished. It's actually worked 2-needle style.

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