Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WIP: 1st Cricket Loom Scarf

Do you know this doorbell chime: the one where you haven't the slightest the clue who it could possibly be at a certain time of day, but answer it and find out it's the package you've anxiously been awaiting? I certainly had that feeling today!

I treated myself to a 15'' Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom from Schacht last week, mostly paying for it with all the birthday money I received and two (yes!) discounts. The online Lion Brand store had a sale on it for 12% off, which knocked off 20 dollars, and I also found a 15% off coupon online (it's always good to check!) that knocked off $22.50 just for liking them on Facebook.

15'' Cricket originally $169.95
-12% discount= $150.95
-15% like-me discount= $127.46
+Shipping= $12.95
TOTAL= $140.41

If you feel like you have to run online and buy this loom (which I don't blame you, I felt the same way), I highly recommend you spending the extra 20 bucks on the 15'' rather than the 10'' because you can weave much larger objects (like a table runner that's wider, or a bag, etc.) to your creative heart's content. I should get free yarn from them for doing all of their advertizing, shouldn't I?

Great video tutorials for beginners:
Quick & Concise from Blick Arts
The Crochet Crowd's Loom Weaving Lessons

Before you can beat your first row on your project, you have to come to terms with the fact that you need to assemble your loom. I know, I know, anti-climatic when you open your box and you want to just start right away! As a lady who always passes her "assembly required" projects onto her husband, I was indeed proud of myself when I got my hands dirty and assembled it myself. With nothing but the instructions, a screw-driver, and sub-par intellect at using the instructions.

It took several inches to get the hang of proper tension. I'm not too concerned because this scarf is for one of my boys. The important thing is to not "beat" it too hard. I do several light pats and then move on.

 Because my yarn is fingering weight, it takes about 16 rows for 1''. It's slow-moving, but I'm taking my time so I get the hang of things and enjoy the process. Sometimes I just stop and admire the woven goodness.

This is a great way to use up all your delicious sock-yarn and scrap yarn at the same time!

The scarf is approx. 35 inches long so far. I only have 15 inches or less to go. I'd say that's a great beginning to many, many spectacular scarves. My husband has already put in his request.

I ended writing this post at midnight! Things are getting kind of blurry here!  Merry Christmas Eve, folks! You still have time to participate in my CD giveaway at "Anna Maliszewski Music" on Facebook!

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