Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fo: Quick Fuzzy Cap

Here's a project that I finished a while back and only needed to seam the sides together and do a loose pom-pom. This is a one day project. One day. One day....

I put this "Quickie Fuzzy Cap" pattern up really cheap in the Ravelry Shop (just 1.99)  in case that "one day project" notion is still ringing in your head.
Let's see how many patterns I can name "the Quickie" something or another. As a busy mom, I just need projects that I can enjoy and cast off quickly so that I don't have a mountain of WIPs sitting in a basket. I feel more accomplished because I can't spend a whole bunch of time on them when I'm in full music-mode teaching or composing.

Yarn: 1 skein Bernat Softe boucle yarn (or any boucle yarn)
Needles: size US 11 Circular Needles & darning needle 
Optional: large pom-pom maker

Size: M-L women's cap
Only $1.99!
Meanwhile, once in a while I get a certain email or Ravelry message that really inspires me to pull out a project from, say, 2008, and get 'er finished because of the anticipation of that pattern. I get requests once in a while on projects that should have the pattern out (mostly my "Punk Rock Tunic"), but isn't out yet because my hard-drive ate the pattern, or some reason or another, and I have to redo the entire thing.

I found that I have this, eh hem, "project" nearly completed, as well as the pattern and it should be done early in the New Year. Don't worry, I'll give you a photo update soon on this secretive project.
Life's no fun without a little teasing and guessing.

Oh, by the way, if you happen to browse through my Ravelry Pattern Shop by chance, you'll probably notice that I brought back something free and reduced the prices of all of my patterns, and PDf'ed by "Quickie Plastic Bag Holder". :) Happy New Year to all! 

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