Monday, July 16, 2012

Lost & Found WIP

I've been using a different camera out of convenience for so long that I didn't realize, until I uploaded a few recent photos, that this cardigan was still on the camera's memory disk. These were edited already and destroyed along with everything on my laptop before I could post them. So here is the (WIP) hooded "Honeycomb Cardigan" for a toddler that I designed a while back (and hibernated) after working half of the hood. {"Startitis" at it's finest.} Well, I shouldn't say that. The reason why I stopped working with a vigor is because I started catching on that the colorway was too feminine for my two boys. There goes my whole anti-procrastination thing for this Fall. I thought it would be more "Rainbow-y." You know how those hidden colors in the ball have a way of luring & playing you for a fool. I had no idea it would stripe evenly, and my lack-there-of instincts thought that the purple and pink would be more minute and scarce. Maybe it's the hidden woe in me that I probably will never mother a daughter. :((  Oh well. It's still good for design.

Even though there are cables everywhere, the technique is cable-less. I was going to do a tutorial on that to compliment the pattern. I guess If I ever want to compile this theoretical "baby & toddler" ebook one day, I'll finish her up.

In the meantime, I do have an actual sweater clicking about the needles right now that does have purple in it, but you'll see why it's "okay." 

The photos are actually a little more "earthy" in real life, and not quite as vibrant.


Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

Anna, I think you could finish this for a boy by making the sleeves or bands in a boy-ish color, perhaps a deep blue or green. At least on my monitor, it looks wonderful.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thank you. :)
I was thinking about doing something like that, but at the moment, the yarn stores around us do not have something that matches in that yarn weight/type.