Thursday, July 12, 2012

FO: Ribbed Toddler Socks

The ribbed toddler socks have been completed. The second pair was sitting in a basket for a while, knit up to the gusset before I stopped.

This was intended to be the first a few sets of "toddler socks" that I hoped would one day be an e-book of toddler knits. This was going to be the easiest (well, besides pure stockinette stitch). 

Pattern: Toddler Knits: 2 year old Socks (KUAS)
Yarn: fingering weight yarn from an unknown brand of hand-dyed yarn.
Needles: size US2 dpns, set of 5.

Hey, Mom! Look at my neat kicks.
 My little models remind me of the Olsen twins when they were young toddler actresses. Except, mine are fraternal. While one was camera-shy or misbehaved, the other got the spot in the camera light.
Hey, you're taking photos of me!! let me take these off for 'ya so you can get a good shot! 

 Don't you wish you were that flexible still?

Because my twins are a few months away from being two, I made sure the socks are a bit larger, so they don't outgrow them for a while. By the time they need them, they should fit perfectly.


knittingdragonflies said...

These are adorable! Socks and kiddos!!

Breezie said...

The socks and your kids are very cute :)

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thanks, guys! :) They are cute, but lethal for tantrums!!

Z said...


Man I wish I knew how to make them!

They are colorful. Looks good.

Rachel said...

Very cute!