Monday, October 17, 2011

Candy Corn Djevellues

Candy corn djevellue
Now that the weather is starting to get chillier, I decided that I was going to turn the cute Norwegian knitting pattern "Djevellue" into something a whole lot sweeter to keep my little ones warm: Candy corns.
Candy corn djevellue
Funny, really, because the first Candy Corn Djevellue was knit in a size Adult as a test of how big the worsted weight will be as written. Exactly a largish adult size. From that point on, I roughly knew how many stitches to take away to form the 6-9 month version. Talk about deja-vu for knitting. Can you tell that I'm trying to plow through the "Warm Knits" for the wee-ones? It's like nesting, but knit-style.
On top is Jakie sporting the hat.
Candy corn djevellue
Sammie too.
Candy corn djevellue

Pattern: heavily modified version of "Djevellue", aka "sweet baby cap."
Needles: size US7
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in yellow, orange and white
Mod's: adult, 9 garter rows, the striping and yarn weight; infant, CO79sts instead, 8 garter rows, striping and bulkier yarn weight.
Started /finished: October 8th-9th 2011 (adult) and October 9th- 11th 2011 (baby)
Candy corn djevellue
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