Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harvest Bowls

Ever since the felted clogs, I started to get in the mood for all sorts of felted projects. My latest felted project, "mystery knit #1" is called "Harvest Bowls." If you look close up, you'll notice that not only is there a variety of sizes, but they are all uniquely shaped. The middle-sized bowl actually looks a lot like a pot, since it widens at the top. They all serve their own purpose, which is to be filled with Fall goodness & to wait patiently for the next greedy hand to pass it's way.

Pattern: KUAS' "Harvest Bowls"
Yarn: Knitpick's Telemark in perisimmon
Needles: size 8 US & 10.5 US
WIP: Oct. 13th-Oct. 20th, 2008 (worked on it real dilegently, didn't I?)

They are all a 2-needle construction & knit entirely in garter stitch. I made two different leaves for the bowls, but my favorite is definitely the oak leaf. I was just free-knitting the poor bugger, and it turned out quite close to the actual leaf shape. Happiness.

I initially put them all in the wash, but scowled when I saw that my garter stitch did not felt at all. That's a *slap forehead, garter stitch gets real loose in water.* Picture me, with thick gloves & a sink filled entirely of steaming-hot water, vigoriously agitating the wool by hand. For nearly 15 minutes. Yeah. I was sweating bullets. But it was worth it. Aren't they so cute & festive? The big bowl can be modified to be thicker though. It didn't turn out as solid as I thought it would be. Lesson for next time: for the biggest bowl, use 2 strands of wool & stockinette. Not garter. Then I can fill 'er up with a whole ton of apples. Rocket-science, huh?
I've got the patterns written out on different sticky notes (I've gotta stop doing that!). Now I just need to type them up, so I can maybe put them up on my shop.


Rachel said...

That's really clever, and they look so pretty!

Alyssa said...

I love the bowls.