Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Rush

I hope all of the KUAS members had a great October. I really tried to spoil them this month! They got three skeins of KUAS yarn, 3 paterns and some goodies!
The theme for the October club was "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Aszkaban." I subtly tried to incorporate the movie into the club with inspiration from the Hogsmead scene. Hermione had that one cabled hat & glove ensemble...and I tried to do my own thing that's bold, yet real quick & easy. It's a rib between snaking cables. The pattern would stand out a lot more on a solid, or semi-solid colorway, but is still pretty neat-looking on this month's colorway, "Scarecrow" (another inspiration from the movie--Fall. It reminds me of Hagrid's pumpkin patch and crows cawing.
The fingerless gloves are another quick & easy knit. It's knit on worsted weight yarn, and then cables are smaller. I just love how the cables snake around the thumb. The patten is a mirror-image between the hands.
I gave them the choice to knit up ribbing on the bottom. The cap doesn't roll one bit, some I know that some people prefer it. I say, if you have a smaller head, you might want the extra tightness. Otherwise, if you like loose-fitting hats (that still stay on while you run--I tried it), skip the ribbing.
Another project from the club is my "Traveler's pouch." It's a little quirky knit that I picture wizards using in Zonko's shop. It's the little things in life that make it all fun.

News: I got a new camera (yay!) and a new haircut! Pictures coming soon!

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Rachel said...

That's really cool - great job!