Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, yes... there is a version 2

Valentine's day. Oh right. How did I forget to post about it?
I guess this whole post has a theme now, second versions.
You might recognize this pattern from the first "Candied Love" socks I made. It had purple, red & white stripes, and didn't have bobbles...and the lace didn't run all the way down...and it didn't have cables. Ok. Well, the pattern was REALLY modified, I guess. lol.

The bobbles remind me of that dot candy, that you peel off of wax paper? Am I dating myself (which is sad, because I'm still in my early twenties)?
Joe and I went to an irish pub, had rubens & alcohol, and came back to watch a movie. Nothing fancy, but it was quaint. As for the sweets, he even remembered my new love for those ferro rochers, and gave me a variety pack of them. Yum-o.

You know that old saying, "everything is better in pairs." Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not. For example, exams, papers, classes and illnesses are not good in pairs. From a knitter's standpoint, socks, mittens, quick top-down raglans, and washcloths are indeed good in pairs...and I think applicable when it comes to a good interesting afghan.
Enter, "Ripples Reading afghan" Version two. I think I might just nickname it "quiet waters, because the purled ripples will not get wider than a couple of rounds.

I'm enjoying the quick nature of this new one, as well as my favorite colors (seagreen & teal) in the afghan. If I were to put this on top of the first one I'm knitting, you would see how many inches I'm going to save by using a more worsted weight yarn, and bigger needles. Ironically, this afghan will probably be twice the size as version one, and only 1/6 the price. (*sigh*)

V.1 is going slowly.
Very slowly.
But, there are several more inches of ripples on this kid. I picture this one being on the couch or reading chair, and the other one on my bed.

Anyways. Enough with the blankies.
I just finished two consecutive weeks of "hell," as of Thursday. If you really knew me, you would be right to place heavy bets on me veggie out with Lost and my knitting for 2 days straight. 2 days, and at about 1 season more down. I'm at the end of season 3 now. Seriously, I wasn't kidding about the therapy. Help!


Sarah said...

OMG! I love those afghans! V.1 is gasp worthy!

Ninabeena said...

love the colors in version one of the afghan. very nice.

Macoco said...

The afghans are incredibly beautiful. I love all of the colors.