Saturday, February 02, 2008

Getting hit on in a bar...while your Fionce is next to you

It was this crazy boy's birthday Saturday, so we hopped over to DC's and Jake's to celebrate.
However, that night prooved to be something of a surprize.
So, the fun began at DC's, where we ordered 3 dollar (gallon-sized) mugs of beer and 4 dollar fish bowls. Lo and behold (the funniest part being me not being into sports), Drew Tate, our (past) infamous quarterback for our university insists on buying me a drink. Really? Wow! How can I resist an offer like that?? Feeling quite flattered, I went back to our group with a fishbowl in tote and began the long passing minutes of nursing my drink and watching guys in tight outfits throwing eachother on the floor and making quite....curious.....moves there(a.k.a college wrestling). Toward the end of the night, a guy from our group (no one really knew who he was) walked up to me, started socializing in that friendly-guy-in-a-bar-that-really-wants-your-number sort of front of Joe. Now, Joe was a great sport about Drew Tate, but this time, Joe had to set his foot down...or maybe just his hand on my thigh, that finally drove that guy away. Sorry, I'm already taken.
It took me an hour of nursing this bowl to get this far.
We played drunken card games. To my surprize, I did pretty well. However, I was yet again feeling quite awkward when another guy from the group (I've never seen him before) began to "whisper" loudly to my neighbor of whether or not I was single. "I" said no, revealing that he wasn't even close to being remotely subtle about it..and he asked her "well, then married?" What the frick. Does it matter... Hello?
If I were single, it would have been a very sucessful night.
Aye karumba.


Alyssa said...

Its sad when engagement rings don't even keep man away

Unknown said...

You are one popular chica! Good thing Joe's not the fisticuffs type or he would have been quite busy that night:)

Happily Knit said...

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that you've still "got it", no?