Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gettin' back on the horse.

(Sorry Morrie, I'm not a gymnist. -Zoolander)

Hey All.
I wanna thank everyone who wished me well & gave me their awesome tips on how to feel better. :) You gals= greatness.
It's been a rough journey, I'll tell you that...with just about everything that a flu can give you, besides yaking (yeah, surprized me too). Monday, I even almost blackedout in the shower. Yowzers. But I'm finally at the point where I can walk around fine, without worrying...but my voice is still shattered (and my throat still hurts from hard coughs). I have skipped all classes so far this week, except for trying to make my Tuesday night class (mistake!), which my eyes and brain were going haywire. They were spazz-ing & shifty. Weird. So, when I'm finally well enough to go to classes today, I learned that they are cancelled, due to extreme wintery weather. Sweet? maybe. That means I only will have a Thurs. class (because I don't have Fri classes this semester). I'd like to say it was a vacation, but it wasn't! I played catchup on reading at home all day yesterday. Yuck.

I watched HP 1 last night, and got a good chunk of knitting done. Picture update real soon.

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