Sunday, November 11, 2007

The long & the short of things.

Boy do I have some more eye-candy for you all today! I really feel like I'm back to expressing my blog title for a change. You'll have to excuse the lovely and highly original "bed poses." It's just too late for further creativity. I've been knitting so much today (and lately), that I'm quite shocked that my hands aren't bleeding right now. No joke.

"Coiled Cables & Ribs"
This patten was released for our fall sockclub...and I'm excited that enough time has passed by where I can finally show you the sock! I have the new exclusive Winter colorway in my room, and am waiting for the brain to kick in, to create a whole new sassy pattern.

As you can see, I finally finished my first sock, and have plunged into the second one. I can't wait until I can finally wear my "Quidditch" socks.

Above is my chunky horseshoe scarf that I started a few days ago. I only have two more small skeins left, so I'll be cutting it close to what actually qualifies a rectangle as a scarf. If I happen to find another skein, I'll add the finishing touches to the two ends of the scarf.

What is this?!? Oh, it's me actually working on Christmas gifts in NOVEMBER! That's an idea, huh? I realized that I still had a couple more people that I needed to add to my Xmas knit-list, so if I don't start it now, it ain't going to get done.

This blue & white sock is for my Grandma. Sadly, the picture doesn't do the LT ribbing justice. This really knits up twice as fast as the other pair. When I switched back and forth, the Lorna Laces felt like I was knitting with thread, for Pete's sake. There's no bet on which sock will reach the finish line first. That's for sure.
Above is my FMIL's pair of socks, in Lorna laces. I still am waiting for the FH to find out her shoe size. He's really no help when it comes to family questions. I asked him what color she likes. He says, "I don't know." I ask him what shoe size she is. He says, "I don't know." I ask him what his dad would wear (knit-wise). He says, "Probably nothing."

Ok, it's time to soak the poor hands, *sigh.*
Maybe "attempt" more "school work" tomorrow, perhaps?


Alyssa said...

Great socks!! I can't wait till I'm as skilled as you!!

Ilix said...

Those look great! you are totally addicted to socks! LOL. Maybe you should make both FIL's scarves..... they will always fit! LOL

Laural said...

Oh everything is just amazing!!

Sarah said...

Wow! You have been a knitting fiend:) But I also find knitting calming, so with the stress you're under right now, I'm glad you have a creative outlet! All your socks look fantastic:)