Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heart, Sock & Brain in a Coil

Well, I finally finished the sock. Yes, just one. I searched campus for some juicy red & yellow leaves and set them up around this space for some photography of my sock. Unfortunately, I will be severely reprimanded (again) for showing you any more pictures of my this orange *blob* will have to do (for now). Now that the sock and the pattern is officially finished, I can get back to my academics.

I already went through "Doom's Day Tuesday:" 5 hours worth of classes, plus a paper, a speech and a quiz due in the same discussion class!... plus catch-up reading and knitting!

I probably will be taking a leave of absence from the blog for several days, to focus on my assigned readings & study like crazy all week for my Botany exam that is coming up soon (which will run me over and leave me plastered to the "leafy" ground until the public works can come and scrape me off with a shovel and stamp "road kill" will a scarlet "F" on my forehead.)

Anyways, it's been a little quiet here in blogland. Although I haven't been posting an incredible amount of actual knitting, I do hope that in time that we can get the lurkers out and see if we can make this into a "learning community," one with comments, suggestions, and feedback. That's really the purpose for my blog (not just me giving out patterns or providing pretty pictures to just look at.) To those who comment regularly, I give you much thanks and hugs! I appreciate your feedback greatly!! I value opinions (and constructive criticism, as long as it has "sensitive" consideration)
BUT... Fall is here, so the bulk of the knitting will commence! Get ready for it! It's going to be good!!!
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