Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Foliage, cozy & murder.

Alas, after much frogging and diverse designs for the sock club, we have a winner! It tingles my heart that it's 100% better than my first version, as it also captures the real quality of the cables. You're looking a sneak peek at my "Coiled Cables & Ribs" cabin sock pattern, before I move on to the heel. (it's useless to take pictures any further, since the beginning of gusset-work looks like poo on the camera.) I've got to finish these socks, finalize the written pattern, take an awesome fall snap outside modeling them, and send them in to the yarn queen by the end of this month. That gives me about a week and a half to finish the socks.

I'm quite in love with the pattern. It's my personal favorite, and I wish that this camera could capture the true beauty. Maybe you can really see how cool the cables work in conjunction with the Fall colorway once they are on the footsies. (I hope really so.)
If You're interesting in joining the "Cuaran Sock Club," go to Liz's etsy shop, where she handles the membership. I think she only has the year-round sock club left, but If you want to do it the month-to-month way, I'll ask her to add more on etsy. Just let me know first.

I'm am so into the mystery & thriller genre right now! This is my 5th mystery book this summer. I've read all of Meggie Stefton's knitting mystery books (which I love, by the way), and decided to venture off to Mary Kruger's knitting mystery books. This one is the first in the series, and has a slightly different style than Stefton. It's really interesting seeing how they both go about mystery books. They both go about characterization in totally different ways, but equally hook you to the plot, credible characters & slight romance...

I have been busy this weekend knitting up this whole pile, "weeding" & "re-templating" my blog. You've probably already noticed though. I think the sidebar is more condensed and manageable. I really love the colors, and the new title photo. Change is good. Honk if you like it.
P.S-The cute small square is actually for me. I've got an interesting afghan idea brewing in my head. My lips are sealed for now.

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