Monday, June 25, 2007

Save the Date

~*~September 19th, 2009~*~
....Only two million years to go! I feel like i'm in frickin wedding *Limbo.*
So ok, I HAD to go to Michael's. I was commissioned to knit a jester hat for someone at church, because they work at the Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. After I got their 8 colors of 100% cotton yarn, I made my way through the scrapbook aisle, in search for something for my wedding. I found "Once Upon A Time" paper that was discontinued. I loved it soo much! Isn't it gorgeous?? However, I only have 3 sheets, and the idea that I had for it would ruin the integrity of the paper. I decided that my theme colors are going to be a garden. I'm using brown for the background of the paper, pink center with a slightly larger green background behind the pink. My tables will have green and pink flowers. That's as far as I got! lol.
So, I decided to do hearts for my "save the date" magnets that i'm making. This way, the item still retains the nature beauty of the paper.
I found this awesome stencil that I will not only use on translucent paper, but for my "Save the date" magnets. I will have a brown background with a green painted/airbrushed stencil, and the heart will be somehow glued just like that to the stencil. I'll figure out a outliner for the heart later. our information will be written outside of the stenciled part.
I just love intricate details. Each heart is unique. Of course, I still have to cut the hearts out a little better later. It will come out quite nicely when I get more supplies. It doesn't look like too much to the outsider, but it looks great in the completed form in my mind!

...ok, an a more knitting note!

I'm officially a beta tester for Ravelry! yay!
I've added a few WIP and stashing to the site. Sorry about the crappy pic. I didn't know how else to take a snap-shot, besides using my camera.... and cameras & monitors don't mix!

Upcoming: Working on the Jester hat from Knitwhits. Deadline: July 5th!

********************************************************************************** P.S- If you haven't gone on recently, I just wrote up the pattern for "Joe's Office Socks" below. ***********************************************************************************
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