Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane

My friend Liz mentioned about Lotus Knits' "first finished knitted project competition." Naturally, the prize is yarn! Hand-dyed, to make things even sweeter! I was baffled when I looked through my knitting projects archives on my computer, and there were no pictures on my first knitting projects! So, I had to scavenge around the house looking for my first finished FO, a scarf, that I selflessly gave away to my mother, like a good little teenager. lol. Please refer me as your informant to the contest if you enter! Thanks! :) So here she be! Drum roll please!! ....

About 3 1/2 years ago, I used about 2 skeins of homespun on size 9 needles to make this scarf. The cast on was somewhere around 40 stitches, so this scarf took me a good month or so. However, the results were satisfying. I would even wear it now... the colors look so pretty and vibrant in person.

For the rules, I quote Lotus Knits:
"All you have to do to enter the contest is:1.) post a picture on your blog of your first finished knitted item OR what's next in your queue that you *haven't* cast on for yet and 2.) make sure to mention this contest! Scarf, dishcloth, sweater, whatever! I wanna see! Then, 3.) email me at (or leave a comment) to let me know you've posted so I can come check out your blog! Let me know what blog you saw the contest on, because for every person that mentions your blog as a referral, you get another entry into the contest."


So, what have I been up to lately? Well, for one thing: work. I have two jobs going on right now. However, I started my pregnant friend's baby cardigan. I've got the pattern written up on the computer already. I just have to finish it. It needs a few more increases, straight knitting, sleeves then voila... "Sweet As Candy" cardigan in a flash!

Also, I've been working on Joe's care package, since he's at Iowa right now taking summer classes. He's getting these incredibly awesome "office socks" that I designed just for him. It's doubled up lace weight on size two needles. I swear Joe, if your still reading this... I'm keeping the socks. He promised to not look at this post because I really wanted to show you all.

I'm using the "Moss" yarn that I specifically dyed with him in mind, since he absolutely loves green. I think you can see the different specks of green if you click on the picture. edit: if you squint. The picture link won't blow up for some reason.

It's frickin' 100 degrees in my house again, so I obviously can't continue knitting both projects. Oh well, I still need to keep reading Harry Potter 5 & 6.

I also started my "knitting mystery" book last night! Exciting! I love it already! Hopefully it will be good enough one day to consider publishing! Whoo hoo!

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