Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Rose Shrug (KUAS Original Pattern)

Designed by Anna Peck
Note: this free pattern has been removed 10/17/12.

Materials:Needles: Size 10 ½ (US) Straights
Yarn: 1 1/2 (?) skeins of "Bernat Softee Chunky" --seen in Anitque Rose
*Or use any Worsted weight
Tape Measurer
Matching thread to the yarn,
Darning needle
1-2 Shiny, or unique looking Button

Guage: 4sts=1''


Anonymous said...

wow... that is cool. I love the color too

Faith said...

thanks for the pattern, this is so lovely! and crunches be damned- you look fantastic in it!

slashkitten said...

I feel stupid for asking, but with bust size you mean the actual 'on-boob' circumference, not the bra strap size, right?! I'm desperate to make this, but I'll probably have to modify it quite a bit if it's the first option.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

yup...that would be the number on the bra strap, the circumfrance of your chest.

PumpkinNiki said...

how can I pass a slipped stitch that doesn't exist? I love the shrug, but I can't figure out the psso.

PumpkinNiki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knitting Up A Storm said...

I just went back and changed things aroung. Hopefully they will work out better now.

I'm sorry for the confusing, I wrote this over a year ago, at the beginning of my designing career!
Sorry again. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool design, thanks for sharing. I think this one will end up in my queue!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how to add sleeves to this design ... I don't have your body or courage to carry this off! Thanks for the help :0)

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Probably by just picking up stitches all along the hole area. I haven't tested it out yet, so I'm kind of hesitant to give you a number.

Your sleeve question actually just gave me an idea for a version two of this shrug. Hmm. Maybe soon you'll see this a little longer and with some short sleeves. :)

Anonymous said...

Yayy Anna!!!

That would be so awesome :)
I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I just made this shrug, but have a few questions (I haven't finished it yet). The front shoulder sections overlap when I sew mine to the back section. I know I flubbed one side, and figured i could fudge it together, but the side I didn't flub still doesn't fit right. How many ribs are there supposed to be on each front section and the back, after decreasing for the arm holes? Are the front sections supposed to meet in the back, or is there supposed to be space, or what? I can't really tell from your picture how it is supposed to go together. Otherwise, it is a lovely design and can't wait to get the bugs out so I can finish it and wear it. Thanks!
Erin G.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am still having problems figuring out how this is supposed to go together. Are the front shoulders supposed to overlap each other when you sew them to the back? Please help, as I have spent money and time on yarn and knitting, and would hate for it to go to waste.
Thanks a bunch. :)
Erin G.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Hi Erin,

Sorry for the wait. I've been away from blogland for a long time because I've been on vacation & in wedding-planning mode since it's a month in a half away. I haven't had much time to check my site.

As for the straps, no, they are not supposed to over-lap. If they are, I would suggest stretching the back a little (only a little)while sewing the top edges to it, or rippping just an inch from the tops (of the front side) so that you can do a little decreasing where your neck you don't overlap anymore.
I would say that there should be about .5''-1'' gap between them. You don't need much of a gap, because when you wear it..the stretch is your friend and it should work its magic shaping.

I hope this helps. There are loads of ways to go about your strap problem. Use your best judgement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna.
I will give your suggestions a try. I decided to completely unravel the top front from the point where the armholes start and start again see if it comes out better. It is such a cute design, I would hate for my lack of knitting knowledge to stop me from completing it.

I hope you had a great vacation and that your wedding is a dream. :)
Erin G.

joann said...

After reading the post is there a problem with the pattern before I start it? You said there was a correction but I don't see it posted.
Thanks JoAnn

joann said...

I would like to make this shrug but in one of the posts it was noted that there was a mistake in the pattern. I don't see the revised pattern, is is already corrected?? Thanks joAnn