Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to the Blog World & Archived Fo's

Hey everyone. I recently deleted my old blog that I forgot about, and I am creating something fresh and new. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share.
Here is my "archive" of most of the FO's from the beginning of my knitting career in '03 to the first month of this blog's creation. Enjoy!
P.S- there is no order to the FO's!

My (heavily) deviation from the garnstudio bag.
My Earthen Bag:
Yoga bag. Sorry, I didnt have a mat as props.

Fako-gamo I:

My first project, FO & scarf!
Homespun yarn

Eyelash yarn:

My "infamous" blue scarf (a.k.a- I wore it a lot!):
Homespun yarn

My first go at novelty yarn:
Eyelash yarn & Red Heart combo

My first "fashionable design" (what's wrong with my brain?)
Homespun yarn

My first eccentric scarf:
Mix of novelty yarn & homespun yarn & beads

Joe's first scarf from me:
Jiffy's bulky yarn

My favorite seagreen scarf that was too long, yet very warm!
Homespun yarn

My first attempt at lace (fountain lace):
Caron Simply Soft yarn

My grandma's basketweave (mini) scarf with snap-buttons
Homespun yarn

My first pair of mittens!
Caron Simply Soft yarn
Purple mittens:
Homespun yarn
Joe's first pair of mittens
wool-ease yarn
Stitch 'N Bitch fingerless gloves
Noro yarn

Wool-ease yarn

My mom's first pair of socks
Knitpick's alpaca yarn
My first novelty socks:
Novelty socks:

My first hat!!! (and real project besides a scarf!)
Another generic design of mine:
My first baby hat & design (besides the gloves):
Another baby hat design of mine:
Another hat design of mine, called "XOXO hat:

What do you call this again? It's not a real hat:

Charity hats:


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