Monday, October 29, 2018

The Roundabout Shawl (KUAS Designs Pattern)

Good afternoon, dear knitters. I am almost ashamed to admit that nearly a year has passed since I last logged on. Between my Facebook group page for this blog and Instagram, I am still keeping up with sharing my makes, but this blog has seriously been neglected, and for that I am sorry.
I just wanted to peek in here to give you this update, as this pattern is fresh off the online press:

I don't know if you remember the first version, the "Roundabout Shawlette," by this version uses aran weight yarn and has a lot more shaping. I'd like to think of it as a cosier version on those very cold days.

 See how narrow those are? The original is more scarf-like.

This pattern is beautiful in it's simplicity. The I-cord edging and lace panel are all connected, and it is knit up sideways. I have spent hours writing up a pattern with charts, the written out version, progress charts and colored markers to remind the maker of inc's/dec rows, because although there's eyeltes running the lenth of the shawl, some of it is just decorational.

Yarn: 425 yds/170g of aran (8 wpi) wool yarn.
This pattern used Yarn Bee’s Chloe yarn in the “Bisque” color.
Note: The lace panel will not block out properly if your yarn does not have at least 50% or more wool in it.
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm) straight or circular needles, plus a darning needle.
Notions: 2 st makers, 150+ Blocking pins, a blocking mat, 1-2 oz of no-rinse wool wash & a towel

Gauge and measurements:
22 sts= 4’’and 34 rows= 4’’ in Garter Stitch
Prior to blocking: 58’’ long and 12’’ at widest point in main body; 2’’ lace panel section
After blocking: 68’’ long and 13.5’’ wide at the widest main body section; 2.5’’ lace panel section

Abbreviations: CO= cast on K=knit P=purl St(s)=stitch(es) M=(stitch) marker Sl=slip st k2tog=k 2 sts together Ssk=sl 2 sts each knit-wise, then sl the left needle into the front of those sts and k them together Yo=yarn over BO= bind off RS=right side WS=wrong side S2kp=slip 2 sts knit-wise, k1, pass the 2 sl sts over

Pattern Notes: the largest sized lace pattern chart and helpful progress charts can be found on the last page. The increase/decreasing shaping is always done on the RS of the work after the lace panel st marker. You’ll find yellow boxes marking those shaping rows. However, note that there will always be yarn-over holes on the RS of the work! Some yarn-overs are decorative (“sl m, yo, k2tog/ssk”) and some function as part of the increases/decreases. The 3 sl sts at the end of the RS of the work is your “I-Cord edging.”

 I just love the clean look of that I-Cord edging.

See you soon! I'm off to pick the twins up from the bus (they just turned 8!) and work on some Christmas knits that Sam requested. I hope you are enjoying fall!

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