Wednesday, November 08, 2017

FO: Sven Scandinavian

Well hello, little Sven Scandinavian. You are looking mighty warm and cozy in all of your colorwork knits. Can I have your sweater and hat?
Since we've last talked, his stocking cap has been completed, along with a cute little pom-pom. I used the smallest pom-pom from my Clover Pom Pom maker set.
Sven Scandinavian by Carol A. Anderson
Needles: US 3
Yarn: mostly Paton's Classic Merino Wool leftovers I had in my stash. His hat is my sock leftovers from Regia's Design Line yarn by Arne & Carlos in their "Summer Nights" colorway.

Notes: you can only buy the hard copy through Cottage Creations. This is an older pattern, and I read somewhere that once she sells out on this pattern, she doesn't plan on re-printing it anymore! Go grab a copy while you can. 

I added oil pastel on his cheeks to him a a little blush. His bead is a mixture of Lopi and bulky baby alpaca scraps from my stash. His stocking cap is 64 sts on US  with a 2x2 rib for approx. 2.25 inches.

Sven couldn't wait to play in the real leaves. He got out there just in time before the first frost of the season began today. You can find my post about the knit leaves here.
I think he's rather dashing, don't you?
We'll have to find him a missus in the future so he isn't lonely. I heard Solveig would make a wonderful bride.

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