Sunday, February 28, 2016

FO: Your Basic Hat (and FREE pattern)

Hey there
I'm making a point to "whip up knits" (well, not exactly, but doing the best that I can) and publish more knits. I'm sure you've already noticed that though...considering most posts these days are FO's with a pattern. Here's another one, but this time it's FREE. Yup, that's right.
  download now

It's the perfect unisex hat. It can be slouchy for a woman, and also folded to be more masculine. This pattern is also the perfect blank canvas for textured stitch patterns or colorwork, so may find yourself using this pattern time after time.

Click here for more pattern details. 

I'm curious, who wore it better? I've already hinted to my huband that it looks great as a slouch on me, and maybe I should keep it?  ;) 

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