Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FO: Take Two! Diagonal Rainbow Thrummed Mittens

Seeing doubles? That's because I have doubles!

This time, I knit up my Thrummed Rainbow Mitts in a diagonal pattern. I used the magic loop method again, and things went pretty smoothly since I charted the pattern ahead of time.
This time, you are meeting goofball Jake. This kid has the craziest smiles.
I had to retake this cute photo because I realized that he had two different mittens on!
The boys really enjoy wearing the mittens, and I think it made them feel special because they saw me knitting it the whole time, and I would say that I was knitting it with love for them. I couldn't have finished them at a better time, since it's back to feeling negative 20 out again. I am just scared whenever they wear them out because I haven't attached the cords yet. Eek! I need to do that, stat!
If you saw my first post, you already have seen the pair on the bottom, where the rainbow works vertical. My second pair was worked diagonal this time (see top mittens). I know they are both cute, but which do you prefer?

I have gotten a crazy amount of compliments on Facebook, in person, and have also started receiving requests for me to make their kids a pair! Honestly, I still have to make my, and my husband's pair still.
By the way, I am still laughing over the photo below. LOL. This is what happens when you tell the 4 year olds to pose how they want. Oh, Jake!
Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Joan Janes      
 Size: Child
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Worsted Weight Wool, less than 1/2 a skein used.
Roving: Red, orange, yellow green, blue
Method: Magic-loop
Needles: Size US 5
Started: February 12th, 2015     Completed: February 15, 2015
Mods: 1x1 ribbing, 1 more increase for thumb, less decreases for mitten shaping
 As usual, everyone was dying (or dyeing) to see the insides! It's like a dark, dirty secret waiting to come out.

Have a good Wednesday. I am starting the revision of a sock pattern that will be re-released.

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