Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KUAS Podcast Episode #2: Saucy

This is the podcast that was recorded yesterday, but I ran out of time to post it the same day. Let me know if I'm doing something right, because it is a little time-consuming.

Podcast & music by Anna Maliszewski. Copyright 2014.

Episode #2: Saucy
1. Work-in-progress knit: Frozen River Slouch by Anna Maliszewski (KUAS Designs).

2. Tutorial on how to cable without cable needles using the stitch "2-st RPC (tbl)" and "2-st LPC (tbl)". Materials needed: 1 plastic stitch marker with a slit in it + your project that you will cable on.
You can find a video of just this tutorial under my tab "Video Tutorials."

3. Frogging & spring cleaning of WIP's.

4. Hot Sauce: Wing Master Buffalo Wing Sauce in the "Garlic Parmesan" flavor from the Pepper Palace ( $7.99.

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Sorry for the haziness, this was done at night!

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