Monday, June 11, 2012

Shawl Pins: green

Here's my preliminary adventure in the clay shawl pin world. I started out with a green-scape to match the shawl resting ever so nicely on "Victoria," my iron model.

I used Sculpey's Granitex "Polymer Clay" to shape them similar to the wooden shawl pins that are (outrageously) expensive. Not that the craftsmen/women don't deserve their pay...but I'm not willing to fork it up.

I picked a few colors: grey, light and dark green. I rolled each into a long coil and then rolled them all together. I shaped it into a ball, pressed it flat and carved out the middle. The hardest part was smoothing the edges out without distorting the color.

Check out the Eskimimi Makes website for better tutorial instructions & photos. That's where I got inspired in the first place. (Hers looks better anyways. I think I'll use wooden sticks next time.) Let me know how yours turns out though. I'm hoping to make other colorways in the near future.

I made an oval and a round version. I didn't use a toilet paper roll like Eskimimi, but I did use the handle of a metal whisk! lol.

I baked it for 15 minutes according to the instructions of the Polymer Clay, and after it cooled I brushed on a Polymer Clay glaze that just air-dries. 

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