Monday, June 11, 2012

Shawl Pins: green

Here's my preliminary adventure in the clay shawl pin world. I started out with a green-scape to match the shawl resting ever so nicely on "Victoria," my iron model.

I used Sculpey's Granitex "Polymer Clay" to shape them similar to the wooden shawl pins that are (outrageously) expensive. Not that the craftsmen/women don't deserve their pay...but I'm not willing to fork it up.

I picked a few colors: grey, light and dark green. I rolled each into a long coil and then rolled them all together. I shaped it into a ball, pressed it flat and carved out the middle. The hardest part was smoothing the edges out without distorting the color.

Check out the Eskimimi Makes website for better tutorial instructions & photos. That's where I got inspired in the first place. (Hers looks better anyways. I think I'll use wooden sticks next time.) Let me know how yours turns out though. I'm hoping to make other colorways in the near future.

I made an oval and a round version. I didn't use a toilet paper roll like Eskimimi, but I did use the handle of a metal whisk! lol.

I baked it for 15 minutes according to the instructions of the Polymer Clay, and after it cooled I brushed on a Polymer Clay glaze that just air-dries. 


pendie said...

great idea!

Morgan H. said...

This looks great!

Karen Sue said...

I guess I could go to the tutorial, but is the stick polymer clay also?? This is really neat looking! We used polymer in my preschool class for the kids to make their moms Mother's Day pins! They turned out nice and i still have mine that my just-finished-8th-grader made in preschool!
This is just lovely-nice work!

Knitting Up A Storm said...

It's Sculpey's "Granitex" polymer clay specifically.